About Sintal MM

We are European dental alloy producer. We use our patented technology to manufacture high-quality alloys with ultimate mix of mechanical, technological, biological, and esthetic properties.

For the invention of that same technology Sintal MM was awarded:

- Prize in category Quality of Live Innovations at the Innovative Enterprise of the Year competition, 2016.
- Grand Prix of the Union of Inventors of Bulgaria, 2012.

Our trade partners include renowned dental supplies distributors from the European Union, Australia, Hong Kong, India, Turkey, etc.

Sintal MM was founded by two scientists working in the field of mechanical chemistry: Dimitar Radev and Michail Marinov.

Dimitar Radev, Sintal MM

Dimitar Radev,
Director of Sales & Marketing

Dimitar Radev is a research scientist, expert in novel superhard materials. He has more than 20 publications on powder metallurgy, nanomaterials, dental alloys, etc.

Radev has been awarded for various inventions in the field of powder metallurgy, nanomaterials, superalloys and sintered dental alloys.

Michail Marinov, Director of Operations

Michail Marinov is a chemical research engineer and expert in novel superhard coatings, CVD, SHS, synthesis & sintering of composite materials, metallography, etc.

His contributions include a large number of projects on mechanical chemistry, SHS, methods for consolidation of metal and ceramic powders, non-conventional synthesis methods, Nickel- and Cobalt-based alloys for dental prosthetics, etc.

Michail Marinov, Sintal MM