Product Overview

Our sintered Cobalt based dental alloy, Marranium CC, stands out with superior mechanical properties, combining high elongation limit with low ductile yield. It is highly corrosion-resistant and hence perfectly biocompatible. That has been proven on the market and supported by a number of clinical test results.

You can easily combine Marranium CC with almost any ceramic mass available on the market, thanks to its optimal thermal coefficient of expansion. In addition, you can add exactness to the shape of surface of your metal denture bases by using Marranium CC, as it features supreme castability.

Technical properties according to EN ISO 22674:2016:

Type 5

Composition, wt.%: Co-57.5; Cr-31.5; Mo-4.5; Si-1.9; W-3.5; Si-1.5; Mn-1.0; Fe; Ce

Color: white

Density: 8.7

Melting interval: 1340 - 1415 oC

Casting temperature: 1450 oC

Vickers hardness (HV10): 430

Tensile strength (Rm): 826 MPa

Elongation limit: (Rp0.2): 741 MPa

Ductile yield (A5): 6.0%

Thermal expansion coefficient (25-500oC): 14.4x10-6 oC-1

Weight per ingot (approx.) ≈ 10 g