Why choose our alloys?

Ultimate Mix of Properties
Our innovative technology provides the advantage of making stronger casts with no defects, thanks to the alloys' perfect mix of mechanical, technological, biological, and esthetic properties. That enables you to fabricate complete metal denture bases without getting worried about the risk of casts being fractured.
Excellent Biocompatibility

Marranium alloys are highly-resistant to corrosion due to the well balanced and exact composition of every ingot. They are completely safe to use as they show extremely low levels of metal ion release under the influence of oral cavity conditions. Our alloys' biocompatibility is proven by standard biological tests.

Up to 25% Production Cost Savings

Using the Marranium alloys, you will see a significant reduction of your production costs. The alloys' technological properties allow you to reuse the excess of casting metal (sprue) without adding any fresh material. As a result, the total material consumption of your production process becomes up to 25% lower.

Our products

Nickel based dental alloys by Sintal MM, Marranium FI

Nickel Based Dental Alloys, Marranium FI

Our nickel based sintered dental alloy, Marranium FI, stands out with its excellent biocompatibility, which has been clinically tested and proven on the market. It demonstrates superior mechanical…

Cobalt based dental alloys by Sintal MM, Marranium CC

Cobalt Based Dental Alloys, Marranium CC

Our sintered cobalt based dental alloy, Marranium CC, stands out with superior mechanical properties, combining high elongation limit with low ductile yield. It is highly corrosion-resistant and…

Dental solder for Marranium alloys by Sintal MM

Dental Solder of Marranium Alloys

We provide dental solder made of both of our sintered dental alloys, Marranium FI and Marranium CC. It is perfect for joining any Nickel-base or Cobalt-base parent metals in your dental lab work…


Our technology

Smart & Innovative

By using powder metallurgy method, we avoid the main disadvantages of the classical high-temperature alloying like composition inconsistency and risk of casting defects.

Consistent in Quality
We are consistent in quality as our technology ensures equal ingredient proportion in every single ingot. Thus we ensure that you will enjoy a convenient work and predictable outcome.
Environmentally Friendly

Our production is friendly to the environment as it is wasteless and keeps very low power consumption, compared to the conventional metallurgy processes.